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This site: www.TelexFree-Info.com is NO affiliated with www.Telexfree.com neither www.kccllc.net or www.mab.uscourts.gov, However, this website has been created by a victim of TelexFree to share some basic information on how to proceed with the initial steps via internet to recover money from TelexFree bankruptcy case.

Where to file Claims?
Claims cannot be accepted by email. To facilitate review and allowance of claims, proofs of claim should be filed with the Claims Agent, as follows:

Electronically or by U.S. mail at:
TelexFree Claims Processing
c/o Kurtzman Carson Consultants LLC
2335 Alaska Avenue El Segundo, CA 90245

All the information related to Telexfree bankruptcy case is here: http://www.kccllc.net/telexfree

To file a claim electronically, KCC only accept documentation on PDF format, therefore, at the time of filing it's precise to understand about (Adobe Acrobat Reader) kilobytes and megabytes SIZE LIMITS, in order to upload the PDF Document Files to the KCC website.

Tips to file Claims Electronically
All the process is in English.

To get access to the Claim Filing Requirements and Materials on the KCC website, The claimer needs to request a PIN number via email address.

1- To request the PIN number, clink on the following URL, from the URL after reading the Terms and Conditions, Click: Accept Terms & Continue.

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https://epoc.kccllc.net/TACOU.ASP X?epoc=telexfree

2- Click on: File a Claim.
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3- Enter 2 times the email address to receive the PIN number.

The PIN number will take some minutes before arrives to the email address.

4- After receiving the the PIN number, go back to the this same URL: https://epoc.kccllc.net/TACOU.ASP X?epoc=telexfree to login with email address and the PIN number to learn about the documentation needed to provide as Proof of Claim, becuase each claimer case is different.

NOTE: After being logged-in in the form, there is a Save & Exit button: Loading mg as an option, to start the proccess and continue later.
Frequently Asked Questions concerning Bankruptcy and Telexfree
Source: http://www.kccllc.net/telexfree/ document/1440987140827000000000001